Talent Management

As part our Talent Management Service, we offer the following:

  • Talent Assessment

    Talent Assessments are also called pre-employment tests or career tests that are conducted to support the employer to find the most suitable candidates for the job profile in terms of experience and technical skills. We conduct Talent Assessments to gauge the potential candidates’ job performance and retainability.

    We have designed advanced Talent Assessment Tests using hiring expectations, industry related retention success stories and analyzing employee’s employment history, so as to test the candidate’s retainability. We use Talent Assessment Tests as part of our online screening process to shortlist the potential candidates and accordingly consider them for further interview process. We handle these assessment tests using online testing applications, Emails, etc.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Our Talent Acquisition includes identifying job requirements, job profiles, targeting job prospects, running recruitment campaigns and conducting all related activities accordingly. As part of Talent Acquisition, our team performs all activities such as finding, attracting and engaging highly talented candidates into clients’ organizations.

    Our Talent Acquisition support involves working proactively and building an approach to address the requirement of existing and emerging job openings. This effort enables the client organizations to accomplish success in terms of employee retention.

    Unlike traditional recruitment, our Talent Acquisition aims at filling the job positions of today as well as identifying talent for future job openings. We help clients to identify these future positions by looking at management succession plans and the organization’s employee attrition patterns.

  • Talent Onboarding

    In today’s business competition, organizations need the right leadership to guide their operations in the right direction. In making employees execute complex roles, employers should ensure that there is a perfect blend of talent at the right positions without any mismatch between individuals and their roles.

    We help the organizations to quantify the strength of their executive teams, business leadership and business acumen vis-à-vis industry practices and benchmarks. We provide comprehensive Talent Onboarding support to:

    • Address leadership requirement with the right talent onboarding
    • Meet the business and operational challenges
    • Find the gap in terms of skills and expertise to manage business operations

    We help the organizations by following Talent Onboarding services:

    • Conducting detailed analysis and interpretation of individual and group assessment profiles by experts
    • Guiding the organizations to maintain the balance in their Talent Management approach
    • Helping the organizations through comprehensively organized job profile repositories and executive data banks
4E Approach

As part of our effort in providing comprehensive Talent Management solutions to our clients, we have formulated a unique 4E Framework, which includes:

  • Evaluate:
    Continuous evaluation is the cornerstone of our staffing services. We assess our approaches, service delivery models, employees’ performance and so on for further improvement.
  • Explore:
    We explore various ways and means for:
    • Effective job searching
    • Appropriate job profile based data management and archival
    • Adequate training and corporate grooming
    • Timely onboarding of talent with clients
  • Enhance:
    We enable our clients to improve their performance levels by providing an apt set of employees with the right blend of technical skills and professional attitude.
  • Excel:
    Our ultimate aim is to provide staffing services to clients and enable them to excel in their business performance.

We offer Talent Management Services for THREE streams of Clients:

BPO Clients

  • Today, there’s a lot of demand in the BPO segment in terms of new jobs at various levels of the value chain.
  • Reputed BPO companies are interested in onboarding the talent that excel with impressive work culture.
  • Hence jobseekers need to access these opportunities and shape their career.
  • Our team at Ladder Consulting bridges the gap between available opportunities and the jobseekers by finding the right talent for our clients.
  • Few of our clients are Altruist, Vivify, TelePerformance, Insure Joy, etc.

BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)

The private BFSI industry is a sunshine industry in India right now with much potential to grow.

  • There’re many challenges such as lack of awareness and inspiration among job seekers to join and grow.
  • Since we at Ladder have seen this industry closely, we go out of our way to search and recruit the right talent for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance at all levels of organizational hierarchies.
  • Our forte is swiftly sourcing the field level staff, branch managers, operation managers, officers, etc.
  • Few of our clients in this segment are ICICI Prudential, HDFC Life, Kotak Life Insurance, Bharti AXA, Exide, etc.

SME (Small Medium Enterprises)

  • Retail Stores, Multispecialty Hospitals, Branding Agencies, Real Estate Companies, Accounting Firms, Packaging Companies, Hotels, all these companies require quality manpower. We at Ladder Consulting are extremely passionate and responsive to these segments. We treat our clients in these segments no less than VIPs.
  • We provide sales staff, tele-callers, accounts executives, managers, and a whole range of positions.
  • Germanten Hospitals, Glamour Salon, PMJ Jewelers, KDH Handlooms, V Clear Aligners, Lakshmi Infra, Purple Events, Mira Fertility Centre, and Moraj Infratech are few of the umpteenth number of SMEs who are our valued clients.