HR Policy Consulting

Many SMEs suffer from the fact that their HR function is not very strong. Companies seem to maneuver HR policies as they go. Meaning that most do not have HR Handbooks or Employee Handbooks of their own. Our clients are SMEs who understand the importance of pre-designed HR policies and work towards standardizing their Human Resources practices. They believe in processes and systems.

Many mid–size companies get benefit from our quality HR inputs. Their small, in-house HR teams generally include novice employees addressing the basic HR functions such as payroll, attendance and coordinating recruitment for assigned positions.

We provide HR Policy Consulting and CHRO Services and enable the following advantages:

  • Empowering the organization to review and see whether their current design of the organization is enabling execution of strategy, operational efficiency and overall effectiveness.
  • Appraising and adopting the best HR processes and practices from recruitment phase to exit phase.
  • Integrating the HR practices with the futuristic needs of the business.
  • Cultivating HR team with high esteem and motivation to accomplish the organization’s vision.

We have a standard set of HR policies which are customized as per the client’s organizations’ needs and help them create HR System and Policy Handbooks. And the best part of our policy consulting is that it is very affordable.

Advantages of having a set of standardized HR policy are:

  • Employee Discipline
  • Employee Retention
  • Job Roles Clarity
  • Transparency within the Organization
  • Escalation Structures and Procedures
  • Reduction of wasteful Repetitions
  • Enhanced Productivity

Few of the policies in the handbook are as follows:

  1. Employee Code of Ethics
  2. Attendance Policy
  3. General Leave Policy
  4. Maternity Leave Policy
  5. Travel Reimbursement Policy
  6. Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Policy
  7. Grievance
  8. Work From Home Policy
  9. Performance Appraisal Policy
  10. Dress Code Policy
  11. Compensation Policy
  12. Informational Handling Policy
  13. Learning & Development Policy
  14. Partners’ Code of Conduct
  15. Progressive Disciplinary Policy
  16. Recruitment & Selection Policy
  17. Sustainability Statement
  18. Travel Policy
  19. Whistleblower Policy
  20. Exit Policy