The gap between the employers’ expectations and the job seekers abilities just keeps growing bigger and bigger. Being in the talent industry we realize that this gap is because of multiple factors such as skills, attitude, appearances, approach and many more. In the last 2 years of the pandemic, this has further worsened and experts predict that in the next 2 to 3 years, the freshers have lesser chances of living up to employers’ expectations than before because of unusual circumstances such as online education and over all fear factor.

To help the youngsters of our society and also to ensure that our clients do not have to compromise on quality manpower in future, we at ladder have curated few unique and critical training modules which prepare the final year students from various graduation and post-graduation colleges to be more ready to appear for interviews and also to have a more professional approach when they start working. These modules of our “SkillSCHOOL” are free of cost and always will be.

To normalize the knowledge levels, technology awareness and business skills of employees, we provide:

  • Technology Mentoring

    We help client’s organization through mentoring their employees on advanced technologies and emerging development trends and management practices. We have a special team of technology mentors with many years of industry experience.

    We support many small, medium and large-scale organizations to adopt various technology development environments successfully. We provide mentoring support programs based on organization’s employee training requirements.

    At Ladder Consulting, we help clients accomplish organizational goals through our advanced mentoring programs. Our mentors counsel, apprise and organize mentoring to achieve the following:

    • Effective Recruitment and Onboarding
    • Conducive environment for Talent Development
    • Effective Employee Retention and Productivity
    • Enabling Employee Diversity Enhancement
    • Adopting Technology Knowledge Sharing
    • Developing Employer Branding
    • Nurturing and Grooming Leaders

  • Corporate Grooming

    According to a research survey, in Corporate World, the employees get impression as following:

    • 55% depending on appearance such as style of dressing, grooming, body language, etc.
    • 38% on the way employees sound like the tone and pitch of their voice, accent, etc.
    • 7% on what we they actually converse

    Today’s performance-focused business environment demands people with the right attitude, business etiquette, mastery of inter-personal skills and proactive decision making skills. We help clients’ employees to attain all these qualities. We provide customized Corporate Grooming programs on the following:

    • Corporate Dress Sense
    • Business Appearance
    • Business Communication Etiquette
    • Communication Skills
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Presentation Skills
    • Corporate Dining / Table Manners
    • Writing Skills
    • Business Entertaining

At Ladder Consulting, we offer a complete range of Employee Grooming programs that suit the organization’s needs. We also prepare special programs based on clients’ requirements. Our grooming programs are aimed at training the employees to adopt a unique style of presentation in terms of physical appearance, business attitude and proactive job execution. Thus, we make employees Business-savvy and Corporate-ready.

The SkillSCHOOL modules which are free are:

  1. Communication for interviews
  2. Creating best impression on the interviewer
  3. Approach and attitude for interview

Other expert modules are:

  1. Life Insurance SCHOOL