Why us?

Recruiting the right manpower at the right time is of utmost importance to any organization. We at Ladder Consulting go the extra mile to ensure that. Recruitment is a time-bounded and cost-involving process for the majority of corporate companies. Any mismanagement in this regard, may hamper the bottom line’s productivity. Ladder Consulting plays a vital role in addressing this concern in an emphatic manner. We support the client organizations’ effort to search, acquire, hire and deploy the right talent. In delivering staffing services, we follow a unique 9-step NEST-QUEST Process:

  1. Need Profiling:

    We discuss with the client’s HR Manager and assess the needs in terms of job profiles. We also understand the company’s culture, organizational hierarchy, human resource policies, organization’s vision and mission. We provide our support in conducting exit interviews in case any employee is leaving the organization. Thus, we collect more information about the nature of the job. In case of a new job position, we help the in-house HR Team to formulate Job Description (JD) and decide on other compensation related offers.

  2. Effective Job Postings:

    After collecting the detailed information, we formulate the job postings by defining the roles and responsibilities, technical qualifications required for the job, job reporting times and relevant experience. This acts as a guiding document for recruiting and related job search.

  3. Search Plan:

    In this phase, we develop a Search Plan to find the potential candidates suitable for the job. For searching the candidates, we use advanced job sourcing tools and methodologies. We search job profiles using the in-house databases, referral-based data repositories, issuing recruitment advertisements, internet databases and referring professional or industry associations and directories.

  4. Targeted Candidate Search:

    Our team works in tandem with the client’s HR Teams and helps them review the details of candidates and provides additional information about the candidates. Thus, we help the HR Managers to prepare candidates’ shortlists and support them in contacting candidates to know whether they are interested in the job opening or not.

  5. Qualifying Process:

    We conduct detailed technical and skill based interviews with the candidates after initial tests. This includes both telephonic interviews, personal interviews with concerned technical experts. Thus, we come up with a list of potential candidates suitable for the job with reference to their skills, technical expertise, motivational levels, fitness for career, willingness to relocate, interpersonal skills, salary expectations and job requirements.

  6. Unravel the Best Options:

    Thus, we provide a list of resumes, interview information and referral details. By taking the clients’ inputs into consideration, we prepare the shortlist and schedule a final round of interview for the shortlisted candidates.

  7. Evaluate the Shortlist:

    We arrange face-to-face interviews with the candidates. Client’s HR Manager / Designated Technical Evaluator can interview them. If required, we conduct psychometric tests for the candidates. We have an advanced set of psychological tests and automated testing applications to help the client in this regard.

  8. Serve the Final Offer:

    Once the client decides the candidates to be inducted into the organization, we help their HR team to prepare employment offer letters. We can also negotiate on their behalf with candidates on pre-hire employment requirements, terms and conditions and salary packages (if required).

  9. Total Follow-up and Assurance:

    Our job does not end with onboarding of the employee. We do follow up with clients on the performance of the employee for the first 3 months. We play the role of facilitator between the new employees and clients. In case the employee is not performing as per the expectations, we assure clients to provide an alternative follow-up search completely at the free of cost.