Our Approach

Our clients are large corporate companies and manufacturing companies. The HR department of our clients are process oriented and rely on us to strengthen their human resources practices. Our clients’ attrition rates are reduced by our services.

Our mission is to provide suitable jobs to more candidates. We wish to hone the skills of these job seekers through our SkillSCHOOL to make them job-ready.

We help clients to recruit employees to support their operations such as Development, Application Integration, Implementation, Technical Architecture, Support, Consulting, General Management, Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Financial Administration, and so on. Many organizations require people with specialized skills and experience in Project Management, Development Lifecycle, Quality Assurance, etc. We ensure to match a candidate's profile with the requirements of the role to be filled. Thus, we have successfully increased employee retention for our clients.

At Ladder Consulting, support goes beyond job-related services. We emphasize building skills like project management, process orientation, client service engagement and service delivery models. Our end-to-end support enables clients’ employees to move to the next-level in the organization through training on:

  • Responsive Problem Solving
  • Promotional Skills
  • Team Communication
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Situational Leadership, etc.