Management Team

Mahua Gorthi
Mahua Gorthi
Founder & Director

Our founder Mahua Gorthi hails from a small town, Cuttack, from Orissa. She belonged to a middle className family. She had finished her schooling in a modest Oriya medium school. Mahua was quite a star in academics in her school days, but she failed miserably in her early college years because she then had to compete with other students who had an unfair advantage of passing out from English medium schools and also from better social statuses. This was the time Mahua realized that while we all speak about equal opportunities, our world is full of “unfair advantages”.

Later, in her sales and marketing career, she worked with well-known corporates, few of them are well known multinational companies. Whenever she compared the HR standards and talent quality of these corporate to that of the other smaller companies, her heart reached out to them because she felt that “Unfair Advantage” was given to corporates because they have better resources and investors while smaller companies were doomed to remain small due to lack of world-className talent management resources.

After about 13 years work experience in corporations, Mahua has started her own venture with the sole aim of providing inclusive HR Tools, Talents, Expertise and Consulting to small/ medium companies as are available for large corporates. Her unbending motto is to see that ‘no small business owner should compromise on quality manpower just because their resources are limited’.

Today, Mahua Gorthi is a prominent HR consultant, author, business coach and business coach who works primarily from Hyderabad. Other than being a passionate HR Professional, she is also a Qualified Soft Skills Trainer, Multiple Intelligence Consultant, Business Coach, Behavioral Coach, NLP Coach and an Image Consultant.

This wholesome experience in the fields of human resources gives Mahua an invincible vision towards talent development and management. She is the recipient of the “Business Coach of the Year Award for 2022” from Vyaapar Jagat.

Mahua is a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in training and coaching. She also has extensive sales and marketing experience, having worked with leading firms such as HDFC Life, US Vitamins, Cadila Pharma and Aventis. Mahua is an active networker. Being a part of and contributing to various networking forums such as BNI, COWE, HDCF, Rotary, etc.

She is the author of the Amazon Bestseller “Discover your Mystique Edge” which has received multitude of reviews and endorsements, including endorsement from international coaches such as Dr. Ivan Misner, Mr. Mike Macedonio and Mr. Phil Bedford.

Venu Gorthi
Venu Gorthi
Managing Director

Venu Gorthi, 50, is a Sales Coach, Sales Management Coach, Business Coach and HR Consultant. An astute business management graduate with 23 years of corporate experience, his stint with HDFC Life for about 18 years had given him a wide exposure from field sales to Leadership roles. In the span of 18 years, he had about 8 promotions to his credit. Venu is an expert in sales, sales management and leadership success programs.

Being on the other side of the interview panels has helped him to screen and fit the right talent for the right roles. Thus Venu sharpens the Ladder consulting recruitment team in identifying the right talent for our clients.

As they say experience is the best teacher, because of his experience gained whilst performing the work Venu has created various training modules including those for interview skills, communication skills, employee engagement etc. Venu strongly believes in systematic approach, high ethical standards and personal perseverance.