Ladder Story

From Talent Acquisition to Talent Onboarding, we are with YOU!

Ladder Consulting is a world-class HR consulting firm offering the tailor-made services to small and medium size companies. Our services include quality Talent Management, HR Policy Consulting, Skill Training, DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) and so on. Driven by experts from Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), and Business Consulting domains, Ladder Consulting is poised to become a single-source destination for all HR solutions and services.

Finance and HR Domain Experts with decades of collective experience, lead the operations at Ladder Consulting with the utmost customer focus and quality driven service delivery. As the Ladder symbolizes growth, progress and success. Ladder Consulting aims at making clients realize their current as well as futuristic objectives.

Talent Management is the most crucial area of management that has to bring in the right talent to the right positions so as to accomplish organizational vision. Ladder Consulting enables clients with distinctive services for managing all their talent needs. Our HR experts work very closely with SMEs, handhold them during the nascent stage of incorporation, service delivery and expansion of clientele.

Ladder Consulting is an end-to-end HR Consulting, Staffing services and Training consulting provider. We have rich domain expertise to work with many local, national and global companies with our quality focused service delivery models.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Ladder Consulting helps small and medium organizations, BFSI firms, and individual job seekers with wide range of Talent Management solutions. We provide customized Talent Assessment, Talent Acquisition, Talent Training and Talent Onboarding services.

Ladder Consulting follows a unique 9-step NEST-QUEST model in finding the right talent for client’s job requirements. Our team has many decades of collective experience in offering tailor-made Staffing support for organizations across the globe.

Our team consists of experienced Human Resource Management professionals with real-time expertise in identifying the right talent and deploying the same with clients. Our team continuously searches for high potential talent and manages their information in job profile repositories.

The team at Ladder Consulting is determined to train the job seekers on advanced HR tools, applications, policies, solutions, methods, delivery approaches, implementation techniques, consulting initiatives, technology platforms, working environments, etc.

Everything we do is about you. From experts who create exciting new services to HR trainers who know exactly how to offer services - we prioritize what you need to get you on your way. We strive to keep you at your best, and we remain beneficial to you.

As part of our staffing services, we enable our clients with talent development tools such as skills training and inborn potential assessment tests. We are a one stop consulting company for those organizations which are on a growth path and wish to have world-class Human Resources standards.

Vision & Mission

We are guided and inspired by our VISION

Ladder is determined to become a thought-leader in providing end-to-end Talent Management and Training Services to clients with astute market-focus in cost-effective manner. We enable all related support complying with high levels of quality standards and industry benchmarks.


Ladder Consulting is known for sourcing excellent human resources and writing human resources policies and procedures for Banking / Financial Services sector, BPO sector and also for Small and Medium sized manufacturing companies.

In order to accomplish our mission, we adopt the following objectives:

  • Offering customized services
  • Identifying clients’ pain points closely
  • Making strategies to overcome the pain points
  • Providing long term solutions
  • Developing a passionate, empathetic and proactive team
  • Adhering to the best-in-class quality benchmarks
  • Offering staffing services with advanced job profile search criteria and analysis
  • Maintaining advanced job profile repositories to address all staffing requirements of clients
  • Providing innovative range of recruitment process and outsourcing support clients
  • Enabling services to assess, search, acquire, train and deploy the right talent with clients
  • Offering talent management services for permanent, temporary, contract positions using onsite and offshore delivery models

Our Approach

Our clients are large corporate companies and manufacturing companies. The HR department of our clients are process oriented and rely on us to strengthen their human resources practices. Our clients’ attrition rates are reduced by our services.

Our mission is to provide suitable jobs to more candidates. We wish to hone the skills of these job seekers through our SkillSCHOOL to make them job-ready.

We help clients to recruit employees to support their operations such as Development, Application Integration, Implementation, Technical Architecture, Support, Consulting, General Management, Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Financial Administration, and so on. Many organizations require people with specialized skills and experience in Project Management, Development Lifecycle, Quality Assurance, etc. We ensure to match a candidate's profile with the requirements of the role to be filled. Thus, we have successfully increased employee retention for our clients.

At Ladder Consulting, support goes beyond job-related services. We emphasize building skills like project management, process orientation, client service engagement and service delivery models. Our end-to-end support enables clients’ employees to move to the next-level in the organization through training on:

  • Responsive Problem Solving
  • Promotional Skills
  • Team Communication
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Situational Leadership, etc.

Corporate Values

At Ladder Consulting, we believe that organizations and skilled experts are most successful when they work together to establish a cohesive value proposition. These values guide them work in a unified manner to elevate the performance to the next level. Our values enable us to support diverse clients and drive them towards excellence in each phase of service offering.

We have adopted the following corporate values to make our service initiatives more efficient:

  • Customer-Focus

    All our efforts are focused to deliver staff augmentation services to client organizations. We customize and provide these services to address the unique requirements of clients.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    We enable greater value propositions to clients through our services. Clients can concentrate on their core business operations, while we deliver them effective staffing solutions in the most cost-competitive manner.

  • Global Delivery

    We have rich domain expertise in providing the right set of employees according to the requirement of clients. We at Ladder Consulting, are capable of providing comprehensive staffing services for companies across the globe.

  • Proactive Approach

    We have formulated our services to address not only current staffing needs but also future requirements comprehensively. Our proactive delivery approach makes us a pioneer in the talent management domain.

  • Quality Consciousness

    In the process of selecting, training and placing employees with client organizations, we strictly follow the world-class quality standards and industry benchmarks. We train selected candidates in advanced quality processes, so that they can work cohesively with the existing teams at the client organizations.

Management Team

Mahua Gorthi
Mahua Gorthi
Founder & Director

Our founder Mahua Gorthi hails from a small town, Cuttack, from Orissa. She belonged to a middle className family. She had finished her schooling in a modest Oriya medium school. Mahua was quite a star in academics in her school days, but she failed miserably in her early college years because she then had to compete with other students who had an unfair advantage of passing out from English medium schools and also from better social statuses. This was the time Mahua realized that while we all speak about equal opportunities, our world is full of “unfair advantages”.

Later, in her sales and marketing career, she worked with well-known corporates, few of them are well known multinational companies. Whenever she compared the HR standards and talent quality of these corporate to that of the other smaller companies, her heart reached out to them because she felt that “Unfair Advantage” was given to corporates because they have better resources and investors while smaller companies were doomed to remain small due to lack of world-className talent management resources.

After about 13 years work experience in corporations, Mahua has started her own venture with the sole aim of providing inclusive HR Tools, Talents, Expertise and Consulting to small/ medium companies as are available for large corporates. Her unbending motto is to see that ‘no small business owner should compromise on quality manpower just because their resources are limited’.

Today, Mahua Gorthi is a prominent HR consultant, author, business coach and business coach who works primarily from Hyderabad. Other than being a passionate HR Professional, she is also a Qualified Soft Skills Trainer, Multiple Intelligence Consultant, Business Coach, Behavioral Coach, NLP Coach and an Image Consultant.

This wholesome experience in the fields of human resources gives Mahua an invincible vision towards talent development and management. She is the recipient of the “Business Coach of the Year Award for 2022” from Vyaapar Jagat.

Mahua is a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in training and coaching. She also has extensive sales and marketing experience, having worked with leading firms such as HDFC Life, US Vitamins, Cadila Pharma and Aventis. Mahua is an active networker. Being a part of and contributing to various networking forums such as BNI, COWE, HDCF, Rotary, etc.

She is the author of the Amazon Bestseller “Discover your Mystique Edge” which has received multitude of reviews and endorsements, including endorsement from international coaches such as Dr. Ivan Misner, Mr. Mike Macedonio and Mr. Phil Bedford.

Venu Gorthi
Venu Gorthi
Managing Director

Venu Gorthi, 50, is a Sales Coach, Sales Management Coach, Business Coach and HR Consultant. An astute business management graduate with 23 years of corporate experience, his stint with HDFC Life for about 18 years had given him a wide exposure from field sales to Leadership roles. In the span of 18 years, he had about 8 promotions to his credit. Venu is an expert in sales, sales management and leadership success programs.

Being on the other side of the interview panels has helped him to screen and fit the right talent for the right roles. Thus Venu sharpens the Ladder consulting recruitment team in identifying the right talent for our clients.

As they say experience is the best teacher, because of his experience gained whilst performing the work Venu has created various training modules including those for interview skills, communication skills, employee engagement etc. Venu strongly believes in systematic approach, high ethical standards and personal perseverance.